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AFF Skydive School

In our skydive school the Swiss/USA rated instructors will guide you through a variety of courses.  Skydive Switzerland offers the Accelerated Freefall training course.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is an eight level progression course designed to teach you to become a skydiver.  Instruction begins with 5-6 hours of ground school followed by your first tandem skydive with 1 on 1 personal training in freefall and the fundamentals of canopy flying for a safe landing.  Then wearing your own parachute system, two instructors will accompany you on your jumps through to level 4, followed by one instructor through to level 8.  Once you have completed the 8 level course you are cleared to jump without an instructor but not yet licensed. All training is personalized and you will progress at your own rate. 

Course Price: CHF 2980.00
Course price incl.: AFF ground school, pre-jump training, eight levels of advancement and all the required equipment.  The AFF course is the industry standard for achieving your skydive certification.

Freefly, Canopy Piloting and RW training available on request.

  • 5-6 hours ground school
  • 1 x tandem skydive
  • 3 x jumps with 2 instructors
  • 4 x jumps with 1 instructor
  • approx. 1 week to complete the course
  • AFF ground school
  • Pre-jump training
  • 8 levels of advancement


  1. Reichenbach