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Licensed Skydivers

If you are a licensed Skydiver and you would like to jump at our DZ you will need to bring the following:
1. Logbook (or photo copy of last 3 pages, all pages if 25 jumps or less)
2. License (Current)
3. 3rd Party Liability Insurance (min. Chf 1 million coverage)
4. Reserve parachute must be in date, according to your countries repacking cycle

Insurance is only required if you are jumping your own gear. The insurance is not medical insurance, it is in case of damage to a third party’s property (house, car, etc). We are unable to sell the insurance directly, and you will need to organise this before you jump. If you are planning on jumping in Switzerland then you can purchase the insurance from Swiss Skydive through the below link.

Funjumper Prices:
10500ft / 3200m CHF 38.-
12500ft / 3800m CHF 45.-
10500ft / 3200m CHF 60.- *Including gear and insurance
12500ft / 3800m CHF 69.- *Including gear and insurance

If you have less than 25 jumps you will need to do a check jump with one of our instructors at an additional cost of CHF 125.-  

You must be current according to your Parachute Association license requirements, if not we follow the requirements to get you current.

*Rental gear not available for wingsuit or helicopter jumps


  1. Reichenbach Airport